ʻOumuamua a special asteroid that gave us a surprise visit in 2017

Is 'Oumuamua a fragment of a shattered super-Earth? | Space | EarthSky

In October 2017, an astronomer observed an object zooming past our sun at an incredible speed. The astronomer was Robert J. Weryk, and he noticed this bizarre object while he was recording images at the Haleakala observatory in Hawaii. This object was then named ʻOumuamua which loosely translates to a messenger from afar arriving first or scout. Apart from its drastic speed of 94,800 km/h (58,900 mph), its strange inclination clued astronomers to the fact that it was not from our solar system. It had traveled on a U-shaped hyperbolic orbit around the sun and was going back into interstellar space. The object was observed by the PAN-STARRS-1, 40 days after it made its closest journey to the sun, this was at 0.25 AU. It was also observed to be spinning rapidly. 

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What Are Black Holes?

Image of a black hole

Black holes are one of the most fascinating aspects of space. They have such an extreme gravitational pull that not even light can escape. They are so phenomenal that they are said to have the ability to alter entire galaxies.

Black holes are severely curved off that it can be considered pinched off from the rest of the universe. Within a black hole, the laws of physics as we know them no longer apply. Using Einstein’s theory of relativity, physicists such as Karl Schwarzschild theorized that any mass can become a black hole if it was compressed into a space small enough. Black holes were first predicted by Einstein in 1916, however, it was only until 1971 that the first black hole was physically discovered. Continue reading “What Are Black Holes?”

Handheld Telescope (a.k.a. Pirate Brass Telescope with a Wooden Box)

With Pirate Movies we have seen a come back of those old Telescopes that navigators used for centuries before the GPS was publicly available.

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Why Do You Want a Case for Your Telescope?

Cleaning a Telescope Mirrors and Eye Pieces

As I explained in my post Advice on Buying a Telescope Online, there are two types of telescopes. Both have a different set of needs when it comes to maintenance.

The maintenance is an important part if you do want your telescope to continue to perform well and who wouldn’t want such?! In most cases you’ll just have a small dust problem, but dust on your mirror is not easy to clean (well… it’s not that hard, but it’s a bit of work) so if there was a way to make it easy on you, wouldn’t that be great? Continue reading “Why Do You Want a Case for Your Telescope?”